Wandering in the Wilderness of Brazil (from a few days ago)

The only time we got off the bus yesterday that wasn't a rest stop. It doesn't show it here, but we are being swarmed by bugs.

These little guys specifically, although they look pretty cool in this photo. 
I am so happy to not be on that bus.

Today included farm visits and several hours on the tour bus just driving. And these roads are not like U.S. roads. Maintenance is not really a thing here. To call it bumpy would not even begin the roller coaster we have been on. We've already broken one bus and had to have a replacement brought to us. 😂

However the hours enroute to our destination for the evening did give me time to catch up on some devotions. I've been reading through the book of Numbers and honestly the more I delve into the Old Testament the more my eyes are opened to so many things. A lot of Numbers is about the Israelites wandering around in the desert waiting for the promised land. Today, they were complaining about manna, the food God provided for them. They complained and cried out for the food and meat they had enjoyed in Egypt and even expressed a desire to return to the land God had rescued them from. This made God very angry with because what he provided (his presence, rescuing them from slavery, food and a promised land) never seemed enough for them. 

Oddly enough, today at lunch we were missing American food. Not that Brazillian food is bad, it's very good. We have just eaten the same thing over and over again. And while new flavors are always interesting and fun, you do miss having some familiarity. At lunch we were day dreaming about American food; hamburgers, mac & cheese, enchiladas, sandwiches, ketchup, a steak with marbling, pasta, etc. And we are only here two weeks! Imagine eating only manna for forty years! 

It really made the lesson of not being discontent sink in for me. In our lives there will always be something to complain about (I also seem to get especially whiney when traveling). But when it's all put into perspective, we are so incredibly blessed. I may crave a juicy American hamburger, but it is so great that I am in Brazil, learning about an industry that I love with a great group of people. 

For the Israelites they were given the meat they so craved but as soon as it touched their mouths, they suffered a plague and died. They never got to see the promised land flowing with milk and honey (or even enjoy their meat for that matter) Lucky for us, nothing of the sort happened. We even got to eat chicken nugget type things with a ketchup like sauce with our lunch (a huge excitement for us). However, it was a great reminder of how easy it is to let small discomforts get in the way of great blessings. 

Until tomorrow,