When I was in College: Saturday Night with a Calculator

I thought I should take a photo of me with a scientific calculator. Not really my syle. It could at least be pink or something aesthetically pleasing. P.S. This totally isn't my calculator I had it from one of my roommates because seriously, I don't own one of these.

I live with two overachieving prevet majors who will begin vet school in the fall.

Needless to say they are crazy smart and spend hours of time with their noses in the books. Seriously, I'm certain that they study more than I drink diet pepsi, (which if you know me is more than is healthy (or if I were to be gramatically correct ahem, healthful)).

I'm an Ag Comm student so my life is a little different. Not saying my coursework is easier (I often share several classes with my roommates) but I spend a lot more of my time writing papers, designing and taking things like word quizzes and photos instead of physics labs.

There's been many a evening or weekend where I'm flying out the door while they remain in our living room studying.

The tables have finally turned.

It's a beautiful Saturday and where am I?

Less than thrilled. 

Inside, with a calculator attempting to do Chemistry homework. (well actually avoiding chemistry homework since I'm writing this blog).

I'm a words person, not a numbers person and I am not a 'spend saturday night with a calculator and chemistry textbook sort of person'.

This is me, complaining about life, about to spend a Saturday night alone, wearing glasses, reading about energy changes, reaction rates and equillibriums.

I thought at least someone should enjoy the irony and my pain.

Looking forward to a career that includes lots of words, reading about agriculture, writing, more words and being a grammar nazi.

Until next time folks,


Please, help me.  

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