We hopped the pond

After spending most of the last 24 hours on a bus, airplane, or in an airport this bed feels like heaven. For those of you unaware I am spending the next 7 days on the Green Isle. Yep I'm in Ireland!!

Today we went straight from the airport in Dublin to the Rock of Cashel which is really an old cathedral built on a giant rock. The ruins we saw today date back to the 16th Century.

It is so green here. Many people compare it to the Pacific Northwest but the green here is so different. It's a much brighter green and very beautiful.

Though we haven't been here that long the most interesting thing about the people is their perceptions of agriculture (and their food labels but more on that later). They are very afraid of large corporate agriculture and are very passionate about sustainability which from the perceptions of the few people we've had conversations with means organic.

Below are some photos from the day. I'm off to get the "gift of gab" at the Blarney Stone!


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