10 Signs You are Dating a Livestock Judger

College livestock judging. A coveted dream of many ag kids. The D1 athletes of the Ag side of campus. They are their own breed of people and I…… I just happen to be dating one. So here's ten signs that your significant other might be participating on a judging team too.

1. He works out all the time, but never at a gym.

You can dream about washboard abs but all you're getting is a significant other who can pick out a good show steer.

2. You can judge classes you've never seen.

You've never been to Houston but you can tell anyone all about the number 2 belted gilt and width of her chest floor. Or just ask me about that class of Angus bulls from practice last week.

3. Stories of "The Van" are something you frequently hear

What happens in the Van stays in the Van….. if only.

4. His excuse to buy anything is "It's for Judging"

New jeans, boots, belt, slacks, watch, hair cut, hair gel, it's all for judging.

5. If he says he needs to focus on his classes, you know he's not talking about school.

The only classes he attends are ones that involve livestock and award banquets after its over.

6. There are never enough Steno books. Ever. 

They are everywhere. In his book bag, car, room, the bottom of your closet (seriously, I have no idea how they get the places they do) but he can never find one when he leaves for a contest.

7. He talks to walls.

Reasons, you either love them, or hate them.

8. You are frequently asked to take his jeans to the dry cleaner to be starched.

Rodeo starched, hard preferably. If they can stand on their own, they are perfect. You need to have that crease just right and let them stack at the bottom.

9. 50 is his new favorite number.

10. He ranks everything from 1 to 4.

And be prepared to hear a set of reasons on whatever it is.

Bonus: And when you read them this post their response is "Thanks for reminding me, I need to get my jeans starched."

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