Nicole the "Nazi" (A response to Why I'm Pro-GMO)

I expected this.

Okay well not exactly. When I hit the publish button on my recent post "Why I am Pro GMO" I expected some backlash. 

I didn't expect for it to get so many views and for people from all over to read and share it. 

I also didn't expect to get called a nazi or an uneducated communist paid by Monsanto to spread dangerous propaganda. 


I debated on how to respond to the overflow of comments and visitors. I am so overwhelmed by the number of people who have made it over to my little corner of the interweb to read about GMOs. All of a sudden I woke up one morning with an inbox full of comments, mostly negative but some very encouraging.

I just want to thank everyone who has read, commented and shared. I had no idea this post would be so popular.

The negative comments on that post keep climbing and that is okay, but I think most of the people who are commenting negatively missed the whole point of my blog.

That I'm not here to fight and that the GMO debate is an emotional one, not scientific. (But if you do want to talk science, feel free to ask questions or suggest a post in the comments below)

That I am just a regular person who wants to have a conversation about agriculture and help people understand it while learning more about food and ag myself.

Maybe they are just working over time to help me prove my point about the emotional thing.

Honestly, the fervency with which some people wrote their comments was so impressive that I can imagine them behind their computer screen pounding the insults into their keyboards.

I know that I won't ever change the extremists mind and that's not what I'm here to do. On my blog I hope to share the story of agriculture that I have been able to see. Not everyone is as lucky to have been able to experience agriculture the way I have and I want to share my view and thoughts. It's okay to have questions about how our food is produced, I hope I can be someone who helps answer them. I want to lift the curtain and show you what I get to see and do.

So I hope those of you who have stumbled upon my small blog will stay tuned for more posts about agriculture and my crazy life. I hope to share what I love about agriculture and engage with those of you who are interested in learning more about it.

Also, let's make this blatantly clear that I am a very poor college student and I have zero dollars to be pouring into paid ads to share my blog. On a good week I have a few bucks to maybe eat a Taco Bell and that's a real treat. And to those commenters who claimed I am paid by Monsanto? I'm truly flattered that you think I am that big of a deal but in all honestly I have zero ties to the company, monetary or otherwise.

(unless you count a friend or two that intern for them)

Blogging is something I do for free, on my limited spare time because I am passionate about it and I love to get to share agriculture with others.

So thank you, for everyone who has been reading. I invite you to follow The Hummingbird Press on social media (the blog just joined Facebook!) for more updates and future posts. Blogging is about making connections so please feel free to ask questions, suggest future posts and reach out to have a conversation with me. That's why I'm here, because it's definitely not for the money ;)

The Hummingbird