Cowboys, A Mostly Wordless Wednesday

The cowboy is an iconic figure in American history and culture. While often thought to be a thing of the past, the cowboy is still alive and well today. Modern cowboys might look a little different than the ones we played as children, (maybe they ride ATV's sometimes instead of horses) these good ol boys still know what it means to ride rough, work hard, and grow the beef that we enjoy.

So I tip my hat to the men and women who carry on the tradition and values of cowboys and put the beef on my plate. I'm so thankful to live in a country where these are the people who produce my food.

God Bless the cowboy, America and American agriculture.

A special thanks to Dee Johnson, Pat Herring, Kevin Nichols, Bill Haas and Bob Post for letting Miranda and I come visit your ranches.

***Disclaimer: Though I was the photographer, all photos were taken as a part of my internship with Certified Angus Beef LLC and are property of the American Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef. Do not reuse or copy without permission.

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