When I was in College.....

One of my new life goals is to make constant stories that I can tell (annoy) my future kids with someday that start with "When I was in college...."

Today was definitely one of those days.

Last weekend we were enjoying the sunshine in our front yard when we decided that we needed a trampoline. 

Yes needed.

Wagering our small college budgets led us to the gatekeeper of all things awesome: Craigslist. 

One search and there she was, The Tramp. $80 complete with safety net and all. 

We gave Robert a call and now she's ours. I'm not saying that this summer is going to be the summer of sleepovers, pillow fights, chalk drawings, soap wars and possibly a broken ankle on this thing but I sure hope so (Besides the whole broken ankle thing although again that would be another good story...).

Yes we bought a trampoline. I kinda feel like this is the college equivalent to "We Bought a Zoo."

Maybe not quite, but it feels like it anyways.

Here's to making memories and crazy stories and always living in adventure time. 

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