The Starbucks Rule

The Starbucks rule was something I implemented a long time ago and although I never expected it to happen, someone did this for me just a few weeks ago! It was such a sweet surprise! It's almost finals week so I thought it might be a good idea to share this retro post from one of my previous (now taken down) blogs. College students are living off coffee right now and this might be a nice small act of service to help brighten someone else's day. I dare you to try it.
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So just like pretty much ever other American (especially from the west coast), I kind of have a thing for Starbucks. No, I don't like coffee. I know it's sad. I really want to, but I don't think I will ever be able to get over the terribly bitter taste. However, I very much enjoy semi-coffee flavored sweetened milk, and smoothies and some tea (especially peppermint), I'm always a hot chocolate fan, and my favorite: apple cider.

The Starbucks version of my favorite drink is called a "Caramel Apple Spice" and it will rock your world if you try one. However, as with all specialty drinks, it comes with a price tag and nutrition facts that I don't ever want to see. Therefore I limit my Starbucks trips to special occasions and I instigated my "Starbucks Rule"

Whenever I go through Starbucks, doesn't matter who I'm with, I always pay for the car behind me; that's the rule. Even if a suburban full of sorority girls pulls up right behind me (which has happened).

It's a great incentive because not only do I feel like I did something good, but somebody gets a free coffee and who doesn't love free coffee? Or apple cider?

Trying to eat out less? Limit a habitual spending expense? Or maybe you just feel like exercising a random act of kindness. Make your day and someone else's by implementing the "Starbucks Rule" to one of your habitual indulgences.

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