"If you wait until you are ready you will be waiting the rest of your life."

I love to write. That's why I thought blogging would be a great thing for me to do. I was wrong. See I'm also impatient and a perfectionist. Two traits that don't go well together. Therefore if my blog wasn't exactly perfect, then I didn't want to post anything. That's why I've "failed" at this blogging thing once or twice. I get started and I'm so excited to get it out there that I rush through the process and end up hating some of my results. However, once I'm unhappy I keep waiting, and putting off fixing the issue.

Not this time.

This time I'm here, for good. After a long and frustrating battle, I have won.

Okay so maybe figuring out how to get things to look semi good and in a design that I like isn't exactly a battle. It sure felt like it though, and I'm going to count this product as a win.

Welcome to the new and improved Hummingbird Press. I hope you like the new design, the updated pages and the posts to come. This is a culmination of a few different blogs about my life, my passion for agriculture and my adventure of learning to become a flatlander. No, it isn't perfect and it probably never will be, but neither am I.

Welcome to my new home on the internet, my little piece of imperfection. Here you will get to read and see my own imperfect thoughts, loves, crazy adventures and passions.

Hope your ready, because I'm not.

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